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Psychotherapy and Counselling - Alex Dixon

People typically seek psychotherapy or counselling when they feel anxious, depressed, lacking in self-esteem or self-confidence, upset, frustrated, or stuck.
Perhaps these states arise in response to a particular loss or change, such as a bereavement or the breakdown of an important relationship. Sometimes, these are experiences that have persisted for years without a specific identifiable cause.
Coming for psychotherapy or counselling provides a confidential setting in which to explore what’s troubling you and to find a way of changing your experience. We can address your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that shape how you relate to yourself and to other people.
Typically counselling is short-term (a few months) and focuses on handling a specific issue or challenging situation, whereas psychotherapy is long-term (six months to several years) and focuses more on deeper changes to how you experience all aspects of yourself and your life.
I have more than ten years’ experience of working with people in these ways.
Alex Dixon
UKCP-registered Integrative Psychotherapist
MBACP Counsellor
020 8741 8813