Grove Neighbourhood Centre

Clap for Carers

Clap For Our Carers is a campaign that involves Britons up and down the country applauding National Health Service doctors, nurses, cleaners, and other healthcare staff on the front line of the battle against coronavirus.
The movement was launched by Dutch Londoner Annemarie Plas, who felt inspired after seeing a similar tribute to health workers take place in her homeland of the Netherlands.
Clap For Our Carers has already provided a much-needed morale boost to the nation, with communities using it as a way to unite at a time of social distancing measures, and show support for the estimated 1.3 million Britons who work for the NHS.

Next Clap for Carers is  Thursday 16th April, at 8 pm


The Grove Neighbourhood Centre is a self funding community centre and we are grateful for any monetary donations you wish to provide. Especially now in the current climate we need your help and support more than ever to survive. 




In accordance with Government Guidelines the Grove Neighbourhood Centre will be closing temporarily from Friday 20th March at 4.30 p.m. Re-opening of the Centre will be reviewed in line with Government policy and advice.

We have not made this decision lightly but safety is our main priority. We will be monitoring the situation on a regular basis and will post updates on our website and display further information as and when it becomes available.

Our staff will be working behind closed doors. Our hours will be 10am - 3.30/4.00 pm, If you have any queries or concerns please telephone us on our office number 0208 741 3321. Alternatively you can email us at or visit our website on

Kindly Note: - We will NOT be accepting donations during this closure period.


Thank you for your understanding.

Spring Fete 2020

it has been decided by the GNC Committee to postpone the Spring Fete 2020, due to take place on Saturday the 4th April, as a precaution due to the Coronavirus. We want to take every action possible to protect the vulnerable in our Community.

As soon as we know the new date, we will let you know and hopefully you will still be able to attend.