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The area served by the GNC lies between Goldhawk Road and King Street. Our western boundary is formed by Paddenswick Road and Ravenscourt Road, and Richford Street, Grove Mews and Hammersmith Grove form our eastern boundary.


The formal name of the management committee is the Grove Neighbourhood Council. The Committee meets 5 times a year on the second Wednesday of January, March, May, July and September with our annual AGM falling on the second Wednesday in November. It receives reports from the staff and from the Treasurer.

The management committee can have a maximum of 20 members. Ideally they must live in the area served by the GNC however up to four members of the committee may be coopted who live outside this area but who are active at the GNC.

Nominations of people who would like to serve on the committee are received every two years. If there are more nominations than the maximum number of committee members, an election is held. The electors are the residents of the area.

If there are vacancies on the committee, new members can be coopted at any time.

Every year, the committee elects its Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

At the moment we have vacancies and would welcome new members. If you would like to join us, contact the GNC for further information. Attending a monthly committee meeting as an observer is a helpful way of getting an idea of the committee's work.


The Centre provides a social centre for local people, a drop-in support service, premises for a wide variety of local groups and practitioners. We have no political affiliation.

Our Story
The Grove Neighbourhood Council was set up at a house Overstone Road in 1973 as part of a project to set up local neighbourhood councils in urban areas.

The neighbourhood council's area of operation was the old Grove ward – hence our name. The ward boundaries were revised a few years ago, but the area we serve is still the old Grove ward area.

Our next home was a prefab building in Bradmore Park Road, and this became the Grove Neighbourhood Centre (GNC). In 1982 the prefab was demolished and replaced by a one-storey purpose-built community centre. In the same year the Grove Neighbourhood Centre Ltd was registered as a company limited by guarantee. In 1983 the Grove Neighbourhood Centre was registered as a charity.

In 1994 a grant from Hammersmith & Fulham Council enabled us to add a second storey to our building, and provide premises for an increased number and range of activities. Our building won the Hammersmith Society's annual Environment Award in 1995, for local buildings displaying imaginative design.

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Grove Neighbourhood Centre
7 Bradmore Park Road
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The Grove Neighbourhood Centre is a registered charity (no. 287904) and a company limited by guarantee.